Active Directory Integration

Enabling Active Directory Integration

To synchronize Active Directory (LDAP) user accounts with Output Messenger Server user account, in Server Manager > Configuration > Enable Integrate Active Directory Authentication & provide the LDAP Hostname.
Output Messenger Active Directory
By enabling this option, users can sign-in Output Messenger by using their AD User Accounts.
For multiple ldap servers, use comma separated list of host in LDAP Hostname. (Ex.,

How it works ?

When a client log in, his credentials are validated with output messenger server local database. If the log-in details were not matched and Active Directory Integration is enabled, server will connect with the specified Active Directory host & validate the credentials. If valid user, he will be imported to the local database and authorizes the client.
The AD User Password will not be stored in local database & so on each log-in, the user will be validated with AD.

Manual Import of AD Users

Other than on-fly import of AD user on login, we can also manually import all AD users to local database, for grouping purpose.
Output Messenger Active Directory Import User

To import AD users :
Step 1: In Server Manager, Choose File > User Import and Export.. The User Import Export window opens.
Step 2: Select “Import Users from Microsoft Active Directory” and Click Next.
Step 3: Provide the LDAP Hostname.
Step 4: Select Current User Option, if your account has appropriate permissions to connect to the AD & import users OR select the Specified Account option, provide the login details of the user account who has enough permission.
Step 5: Click Next. You will be listed the AD users to select for import.
Step 6: Select the needed users & click “Import”.

Grouping LDAP Users

By default the imported AD users will be stored under the Group matching their department name. We can also update the group of user manually by editing the user.