Output Messenger Server API helps to enhance and customize your communication. You can integrate Output Messenger with other applications using Output Messenger REST API. For example, you can send notification from your application to Output Messenger Chat Window.


To allow external applications to access Output Messenger REST API functions, generate API Key in Server Manager > API for each application. We can also authorize the functions, which can be accessed using that API key. While calling the REST API functions of Server, the API Key should be included in request-header field with the request.
Output Messenger API Key



    Request Headers: 
    GET /api/users  
    Accept: application/json, text/javascript, */*;  
    API-KEY: PP3S67BYL8Y260D44887M3W655U7137X 
    Host: myserver:14125

If the API-KEY is not provided or not valid, then 401 response will be received from Server.
The default port for API call is 14125


 GET http://[myserver]:14125/api/users


Configure Output Time Notification

Notifications from Output Time can be configured in Output Time’s Settings → Addons.
Output Messenger Output Time Addon
Choose Output Messenger addon in the list.
Enable Output Messenger Addon and Click Config.
Output Messenger Output Time Notification
In In Output Messenger Configuration window,

  • Provide your API key, IP address and Port number(optional).
  • Check the Actions to be notified and hit Save.

Output Messenger Output Time Addon

REST API Functions: