Client FAQ

What are the minimum requirements to install Output Messenger Client ?

All Windows OS which supports .NET Framework 4.0. (Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, 2008, 7, 8).
All Mac & Linux OS which supports JRE 1.7
Processor: 1 GHz RAM: 1 GB Disk Space: 1 GB.

Client unable to connect Server. Why ?

1. Make sure Server Service is running.
2. OMServerService.exe should be added in firewall exception list.
3. Open needed ports in Server firewall.
4. From Client running host, make sure you are able to ping Server IP Address.
5. Also in Client system, add OutputMessenger.exe in firewall exception list.
If still not able to connect, install Client in the server running host & connect with Server. If it is able to connect, Server firewall is the only reason.


How to apply Server IP Address in client by default ?

You can pass the Server IP Address/hostname as a command line argument of the installers.
outputmessengersetupv1.msi server=
This action will create the ls.cfg file with the Server IP address in the Output Messenger installed folder. OutputMessenger.exe will use the server setting by default.

Is it possible to change my Display Name/Group from Client ?

No. It is not possible. Only from server manager, a user’s display name & group can be updated.

How I can manage the users & groups in my User list ?

The Groups & Users defined in Server will be displayed in User List.
You can mark a group as favorite, to display on top. Also you can hide users/groups from users list.
You can also create own custom groups other than user list, to initiate group chat quickly. more details.

What is Chat Room ?

Chat Room allow persistent conversations between members. Any user can create a chat room in client, who will be considered as the Admin and can manage the members of the room.
The entire chat room history is available for all the members.

How to view the Group Chat Logs ?

Right-click the Users List and click “View Log” to view all chat logs.

How to disable Voice / Video Chat ?

Voice / Video Chat can be disabled only in Server.

How can I access other user’s desktop?

In Chat Window tool bar, click “Desktop Sharing” icon. more details.

What is Off-the-Record (OTR) message?

Off-the-Record Messaging are considered confidential messages which will not be logged both in Server & Client Side.
Once the Chat Window closed, the off-the-record messaging cannot be retrieved. more details.

How to set Auto Reply message?

In Settings > Messages > Custom Status, create a new status with reply message. In User List, Personal Message input option, click the drop down arrow to select the custom status.
During that status, senders will receive the specified reply message.

How to get offline messages in my mobile?

You have to install Outlook Messenger App for Android (or) iOS. Sign-in the application with your same user credentials.

Does Output Messenger support Terminal Server?

Yes, Output Messenger supports Terminal Server service which assists you to run multiple instances of Output Messenger in a single computer. It lets the Remote Desktop users to avail all features of Output Messenger including instant messaging and file transfer.

Do we need to install any additional service for Terminal Server support?

No. As Output Messenger has the Terminal Server support as in-built, you don’t need to install any additional Service.