Client MSI Installer and Parameters

Install Output Messenger Client through MSI installer

You can install Output Messenger Client on Windows Operating Systems through MSI Enterprise Installer with custom parameters setup based on your business needs.

  • Download Output Messenger Client MSI Installer package from lan messenger downloads page.
  • Save the installation file to your desktop.
  • Install MSI installer through the following default Command line (to install the Client with Default Parameters setup):
    msiexec /i OutputMessengerSetup.msi

The following table has the Output Messenger Client Parameters and its Values details. It will help you to do the Client installation with Custom Parameters setup.

serverIP AddressThe IP Address of Output Messenger Server which will be given while logging-in Client
profile_pictureTrue / FalseShow Profile Picture in Users List
favorites_tabTrue / FalseShow Favorites User List Tab
recent_tabTrue / FalseShow Recent User List Tab
window_viewPopup / Tabbed / TilesThe various view of Chat Window
chat_viewCompact / BubbleChat View of the Chat
confirm_exitTrue / FalseAlways ask me confirmation, when exit out of Messenger
show_user_popup_messageTrue / FalseShow popup message when a user enters or exits
status_notification True / FalseShow notification pop-up message for the status other than online
spell_checkerTrue / FalseEnable/Disable the Spell Checker to communicate accurately
single_click_chat True / FalseChat with your colleagues just by a single click on their Names
windows_startup True / FalseLoad Output Messenger at Windows startup (recommended)
offline_users_groupTrue / FalseShow offline users in a separate group
sign_out_allTrue / FalseSign out from all devices while signing-out
show_idleTrue / FalseShow my status as ‘Idle’, if I’m inactive for 5 minutes. By default that time will be as 5 minutes. You can change it through idle_interval.
idle_interval 5 / 10 / 15 / 20The interval in terms of minutes, after which the users’ status will display as Idle
sound_loginTrue / FalseHandle Sound for Login
sound_logoutTrue / FalseHandle Sound for Logout
sound_messageTrue / FalseHandle Sound for Messages
sound_ringTrue / FalseHandle Sound for Ring (related to Voice and Video Calls)
sound_buzzTrue / FalseHandle Sound for BUZZ messages
minimize_idleTrue / FalseMinimize chat window while I’m “Idle”
auto_copy_textTrue / FalseAutoCopy the selected text in received box to clipboard
convert_network_pathTrue / FalseConvert Local path to Network path while sending messages
history_defaultNone / Today / Yesterday / 3 / 7Chat History to be displayed for the given number of days
new_chat_popupTop / Minimize / Non-disturbNew Chat window popup display position
new_message_popupTrue / FalseShow new messages at the right bottom of the screen
leave_groupchatTrue / FalseLeave from all Group Chat, while exiting Messenger
include_offline_users_groupTrue / FalseInclude Offline Users when start a Group Chat
rd_color16 / 24 / 32Remote Desktop Color mode
rd_interval100 / 300 / 500 / 800 / 1000Remote Desktop Update Interval
rd_share_cursorTrue / FalseShare desktop cursor while sharing Remote Desktop
rd_allow_controlTrue / FalseAllow remote users to control your desktop
duplex_modeTrue / FalseEnable duplex mode (required for echo cancellation)
echo_cancellationTrue / FalseEnable echo cancellation (remove echo from speakers)
show_toolbarTrue / FalseShow Chat Window Toolbar


Install Output Messenger Client through MSI installer with Custom parameters like:

msiexec /i OutputMessengerSetup.msi server=XXX.XXX.X.X profile_picture=True window_view=Tiles offline_users_group=False history_default=3 show_toolbar=False

Here XXX.XXX.X.X points the IP Address.