Configuring Server using Server Manager

Server Manager Tool

Run ServerManager.exe in Output Messenger Server installed folder.
The default username is admin & default password is admin. After logging in first time, you are strongly recommended to change Username and Password.

General Menu

Start both Output Messenger Server and Output Messenger VoIP services.
Output Messenger Server General Menu

Groups Menu

Add/Manage User Groups.
You can also restrict sending messages/files with in Groups or Group Members.
Output Messenger Groups

Users Menu

  1. Add/Manage User Accounts
  2. By default, a Administrator user account will be created and it cannot be deleted.
  3. You can define Manager Role for any user where you can create multiple manager user accounts.
  4. Only Administrator & Manager role users can access Server Manager Tool.

Output Messenger Users Menu

Chat Room Menu

Chat Room allow persistent conversations between members. Any user can create a chat room in client, who will be considered as the Admin and can manage the members of the room. An Admin role member can grant chat room Admin rights to other users. The entire chat room history is available for all the members who joined the chat room.
From Server Manager, all the chat rooms can be centrally managed.
Output Messenger Chat Room

Plugins Menu

Output Messenger Server API helps to enhance and customize your communication. You can integrate Output Messenger with other applications using Output Messenger REST API. You can send notification from your application to Output Messenger Chat Window instantly.
Output Messenger API

Configuration Menu

  1. Server can be registered by using the purchased license details.
  2. By enabling Active Directory Integration, users can sign-in Output Messenger by using their AD User Accounts.
  3. Centralized Log Storage option to store all the chat messages in the specified folder.
  4. Enable Browser Version, to allow Server Manager & Client html version accessible from browser.
  5. File Transfer Mode, allows you to transfer files between clients either with or without server.
  6. Enable needed Client Settings, which will be applied for all the connected Clients.
  7. Enable SMTP Settings for password recovery option and to send offline messages to users mail address.

Output Messenger config
To View central Chat Logs, click Log > Chat History.

Next, Configure Output Messenger Client.