Database Configuration

Output Messenger Server can store the data in any of the following databases.

  1. SQLite (Default)
  2. MySQL
  3. MS SQL Server


By default, SQLite Database will be used. No configuration needed for this database file.
The database file OMLs.db3 will be generated in the Server installed folder.

To Backup SQLite database file:
Stop the server service & copy the file to your backup location.

To Restore:
Stop the server service & replace the file with your backup file.

MySQL / MSSQL Server

To select the other database options, in Server Manager > Configuration > click “Switch Database” Link:
Output Messenger Database Configuration
To use MySQL or MS SQL Server, create a  database for Output Messenger in Server & provide the Server, Database & Login Details.
Output Messenger Server will create the needed tables in the provided database at run time.


  1. While switching database, any existing data from old database will not be migrated.
  2. All User Passwords are stored in database table by applying hash algorithm.
  3. The chat log history will not be stored in database. Logs will be stored in a file format at the specified folder in Configuration.