Off-the-Record Messaging

Off-the-Record Messaging are considered confidential messages which will not be logged both in Server & Client Side. Once the Chat Window closed, the off-the-record messaging cannot be retrieved.

  1. Can be initiated only by Administrator / Manager role Users. (Manager Role for a User is defined in Server Manager)
  2. Administrator / Manager can do this confidential chat with any user.
  3. A normal user cannot do this confidential chat with other normal user.
  4. Off-the-Record Messaging are available only for one to one chat.
  5. Can be used only for messages & not for file transfer.

For Instant messaging box, by pressing the you can enable the OTR option:
Off-the-Record Messaging
After enable the OTR icon, it turns green color, The icon is added in-front of every messages:
Off-the-Record Messaging
The receiver is also visible the OTR icon before every messages:
You can disable the OTR messages by again pressing the OTR icon in Instant messaging box or close the chat window:
The conversation using Off-the-Record Messaging are not listed in your view log.



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