Managing Users

In Server Manager, User accounts are created & managed.

User Roles

By default, a Administrator Role user account will be created on install. The Administrator user account details can be updated as normal user account but cannot be deleted.

You can define Manager Role for any user. Multiple manager user accounts can be created. A manager user account can be deleted.

Only Administrator & Manager role users can access Server Manager.
Also they can initiate Off-the-Record messaging with other members.

Adding the User

Click File > New User or right click the Users list gird, click New User. The User window will be displayed.

Output Messenger Add Users

Enter the user details in the appropriate fields:

  • Display Name – The user real name that will be displayed in Output Messenger.
  • Group – Choose a group from the list. For more details on Groups, click here.
  • Email – Email address of the user (optional).
  • Phone – Phone number of the user (optional).
  • Login name – The username to be used for log-in.
  • Password – Password to be used for log-in.
  • Confirm Password – confirm the password.
  • Manager Role – select the check box to assign manger role for the user.
  • Active – Allow the user to login into their account, if its enabled. If not, the user cannot login and they are considered as In-active users.

Once you furnish the detail, press the Ok button.

The user account will be created & now the user is authorized to log-in Output Messenger.

Editing the User

In the users listing grid, right click a User Name, choose Edit User from the context menu.

Deleting the User

Select the User to be deleted, right click and choose Delete User from the context menu.




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