One to One Chat

One to One chat offers a real-time transmission of text messages from sender to receiver or vice-versa.

Chat with members

Double Click the user or Right click > chat to chat with your colleagues. Chat window will appears. You can customize your Messaging window.

Instant Messaging window

Output Messenger offers attractive features, On mouse hover the → icon, the some additional features are also displayed:
outputmessenger chat window
The following features are available on the Chat window.

  • Emoticons  : to express your emotions.
  • Voice Chat  : to speak with your partner through voice chat.
  • Confidential chat  : share the messages/files administrators becomes confidential and no record of the same will be kept anywhere.
    Note: Confidential chat will be available only to administrators and cannot be used by employees.
  • Preset messages  : Using shortcut, you can convey your message to receiver shortly.
  • Buzz : Grabs the attention of the receiver, to your chat.
  • Font  : to change the font, size, color and the appearance of the text.
  • Request Acknowledgement : Improve the Messages delivery reliability through Request Acknowledgment option.
  • Send files  : to transfer the files between the users.
  • Remote desktop : to view the desktop for the user.
  • Video Chat   : to enable video chart.

Press the Enter key to send your message to corresponding recipient.

Edit options

Output Messenger Chat

  1. Copy –  copy the recent message and paste anywhere.
  2. Send Clipboard Image – Assists you to send the latest taken screenshot to your colleague.
  3. Star this Message – You can bookmarks theimportant message .
  4. Edit Message – able to edit the message and send to receiver again.
  5. Delete Message – delete the unwanted particular message.
  6. Reply – Helps you to Reply to a particular message, both in a Group Chat and in an Individual Chat.
      To send Reply Message :

    • Right Click on the message to which you want to respond and click “Reply Message”.
    • Then provide the reply message and hit “Enter”.
  7. output_messenger_reply_message

  8. Forward – Forward the messages to a particular team member or a group of your team members.
      To forward a message :

    • Right Click on the message to be forwarded and hit Forward Message.
    • Choose Users / Group, then click Send send-icon icon.
    • You can provide your messages before sending message.
  9. Output Messenger Forward Message

  10. Request Acknowledgement – Improve the Messages delivery reliability through Request Acknowledgment option.
  11. View log – view the history of the chat.
  12. Print – print the message.

“[Your message has been saved on the server as offline.

Recipient will automatically receive your message when he goes online]”  

Below is the example of  One to one chat conversation between two office colleagues:
Output Messenger One to one chat
(!) Able to set the chat window frames for one to one chat, for more information, please refer Chat Window Views.

Chat Settings

  • Go to Settings > Other Options > Chat.
  • Customize your chat options as your wish.
  • Click Save or Cancel.

Output Messenger Chat Settings


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