Output Wall Integration

  1. Output Wall is a unique way to promote your inter-office communication.
  2. It’s a digital workspace for open communication.
  3. Output Wall will make your colleagues to discuss and resolve project issues, gather information from their colleagues, share their knowledge with everyone etc.
  4. You can drive employee connectivity and promotes employee engagement by using Output Wall.

OutputWall OutputMessenger

Output Wall is now available with Output Messenger, by default.

Enable Ouput Wall Plugin

Download Output Wall in Output Messenger Server > Plugins > Plugins, click Download option, which will download all required files.

Then Click Enable button, to enable Output Wall in your clients.

Once you enabled Output Wall, Apache Server and My SQL server starts to run automatically. You can find it in Output Messenger Server > General menu.

Open the following Ports for OutputWall

  • TCP 14125
  • TCP 14126

Configure Ouput Wall Plugin

Click on Configure button, to configure Output Wall.
OutputMessenger-OutputWall-ConfigIn Output Wall Configuration popup, Choose your desired SQL option and allow/restrict option.

My SQL Service

You can use either built-in My SQL or use your owm My SQL database.
If you choose your own My SQL server, please be sure that you have already installed and it was running. After providing details, you can test your connection.

Accessing Output Wall

Want to control the users on using Output Wall? Yes, you can using “Access Restriction” option. With access restriction, you can allow or deny access to all users.

  1. Allow : allows the users of the group to to collaborate with the selected group.
  2. Deny : restricts the users of the group from collaborate with the selected group.
  3. No Restriction : The users of this group can collaborate with all groups in your company.


Output Wall

Once you configured Output Wall in Output Messenger Server, You can view Output Wall in Output Messenger Client.
You can now feed post, announcement, take survey and give awards.
OutputMessenger OutputWall Post

Role & Permissions

Output Wall will follow the same roles as in Output Messenger.

  1. Administrator – can feed post, announcement and delete other’s post.
  2. Manager – can feed post, announcement and delete their post.
  3. Users – can feed post and delete their post