Client Setting : Server-less communication

Output Messenger offers Server-less Chat also to provide you the smooth and un-interrupted communication.

Yep! Output Messenger’s Server-less Instant Messaging lets you to communicate with the users who connected to the same network while the Server is off-line.

How it works

When Server disconnected or turned off-line, one of the online users Output Messenger Client will act as a temporary server & all other clients in the network will auto connect to that temporary server.

You can continue your communication without any suspension. Once the Server turned Online, everything will be back to normal. The offline chat conversations will be synchronized with the Server.

All the above will be done automatically.

This will work only for desktop clients in the same local network. Remote clients & mobile devices cannot function in this mode. Other than online clients, clients who had enabled “Keep me signed-in” before only can connect with the temporary server (Since temporary server cannot validate the login credentials).

If a temporary server/client was turned off, another online client will take that server role.

Steps to enable Server-less Communication

By default, the Server-less Communication will be in disabled mode. You can enable it through the following steps.

  1. In Server Manager > Configuration > Client Settings, Click “
  2. Check the check-box “Enable Server-less communication, while Server is Offline”.
  3. Click Save & Restart Server button to Save the setting.

Output Messenger Serverless Communication

How to identify Server-Less mode

Using Server status icon, you can identify the server-less mode.

Server icon while Server is On-line

output messenger with server

Server-less icon while Server is Off-line

Output Messenger Centralized Client Settings

Questions related to Server less mode

Are my chat logs secure in server less mode?

When a client act as a server, the current chat logs will be stored in that client temporarily. So there are chances for that user in the client to access those logs. Only when the server turned on, the logs will be cleared. It is better to turn off Server-less mode, if you prefer high security.

Note: Off-the-record messages will not be stored in the temporary server.

Can I define what are the clients can act as a Server?

No. It is not possible for now to define that. Temporary Server will be chosen random.

What are the limitations in Server-less mode?

  1. We cannot have Voice/Video/Desktop sharing features.
  2. Sending messages to an offline user may not deliver in time, if the temporary server was turned off.
  3. Transferred files will not be archived in Server.

Can remote or un-authorized user connect in this mode?

No. Only existing online user & those who have enabled “Keep me signed-in” are only authorized to communicate. Others cannot connect to that temporary server.