Ubuntu LAN Messenger

System Requirements

  1. Ubuntu OS 16.04 or later.
  2. Minimum hardware requirements: Processor: 1 GHz, RAM: 1 GB, Disk Space: 2 GB.

Installing Output Messenger

  1. Download Output Messenger Client for LINUX (OutputMessenger_i386.deb [32 bit] or OutputMessenger_amd64.deb [64 bit]) from Downloads page.
  2. Move the downloaded file to your Administrator path.
  3. Run the OutputMessenger app directly from Terminal using following Command:
  4. For 32 bit installer:

    sudo dpkg -i OutputMessenger_i386.deb

    For 64 bit installer:

    sudo dpkg -i OutputMessenger_amd64.deb
  5. Else (if the above command, didn’t work) you can use the following command:
  6. sudo apt install gdebi-core
    sudo gdebi OutputMessenger_amd64.deb

Output messenger will be installed in /usr/lib/OutputMessenger path

Create Start-up

  1. Search the Startup applications in Dashboard Window and open.
  2. Add OutputMessenger exe file with correct path as like below.


Create Short-cut

  1. Open Nautilus file browser & search Output Messenger & run it
  2. Once you run Output Messenger, it will be shown in left launcher menu
  3. Right click on the icon & click “Lock to Launcher” option
  4. Output Messenger will be added to quick Launcher.

Output Messenger First Run

  1. On starting Output Messenger, you will be getting Server IP / Domain input screen.
  2. Provide the Output Messenger Server running host’s name or IP Address. Click Continue.
  3. Login using the user account details created in server using Server Manager tool.
  4. On successful login, you will be displayed the Users List.

Uninstall Output Messenger

  • Navigate to the folder ‘OutputMessenger’ and “Delete” it. It is so easy.
  • Otherwise, Go to the ‘Software Center’.
  • Search the app ‘OutputMessenger’ and select “Remove”.