Server Configure (Server Manager) FAQ

Who can access Server Manager?

Both Administrator & Manager role users can access Server Manager Tool.
There will be only one administrator user account, which is created by default. This default account cannot be deleted. There can be multiple Manager level users.  more details.

How to register Output Messenger Server License?

On purchase you will receive the license key based on your company name and number of user licenses. You can apply the Company Name & License Key in the Configuration section of Server Manager.
For trial version, no key required.

How to integrate Active Directory/LDAP?

In Server Manager > Configuration, Select “Integrate Active Directory Authentication” & provide the AD domain name.
On enabling this option, Users while login in client, will be validated with AD server & imported in local database. more details.

How to restrict a user from sending message to others?

The restriction option is available in Group Level.
While adding / editing a Group, you can specify the message sending / file transferring restrictions for members. more details.

How to back-up User records?

You can back-up the database or use Export as CSV option (File > User Export & Import). more details.

How to block VoIP in Server?

Yes. In Configuration > Client Settings, you can disable the option.
You can also stop the Output Messenger VoIP service. (Stopping the service will block Voice / Video & Desktop Sharing).

Where the message logs stored in Server & how to view?

To enable log storage, enable “Centralized Log Storage” in configuration screen.
In the specified path, message logs are stored.
To view the logs, click menu Tools > Central Log.

What is Browser Version & SSL Certificate?

By enabling browser version both Server Manager & Client can be accessed directly from browser, without installing any software.
For secure transmission in browser, enable SSL, which needs a certificate. Either you can use inbuilt Output Messenger certificate or any other certificate you have installed. Since Output Messenger certificate is a self-signed certificate, you may get warning “The site’s security certificate is not trusted!”. You can ignore & continue. more details.

How to push Client software updates from Server ?

By using Windows Group Policy, Output Messenger MSI installer can be published to all clients.
Or you can download client patch zip file from our website.
In Server Manager > General > Update to Clients, provide the patch zip file. The update will be pushed to the clients & on accept, it will overwrite the client files instead of installing.
The client running windows user account should have enough permission to install the patch.