Custom SSL Certificate for Browser Version

All communications in Output Messenger are done under SSL by using an internal certificate.
For Browser Client version, we can change the default certificate to our own custom/trusted SSL certificate.

Select Certificate

  1. In Server ManagerConfiguration → click Enable SSL for Browser Version.
  2. In Certificate chooser window, select your preferred certificate & click OK.
  3. If your certificate was not listed, please follow the below steps.

Import the Personal Certificate in MMC

  1. Click on Start, then type and choose mmc.exe.
  2. In the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) window, click File → Add/Remove Snap-in….
  3. Output Messenger Create Snap-in

  4. Click on Certificates Snap-in, at the Add or Remove Snap-ins popup and click Add button.
  5. Output Messenger Add Certificate Snap-in

  6. Choose the Certificate Type as ‘Computer account’ in Certificates snap-in.
  7. Output Messenger Snap-in Account

  8. Select Local Computer in Select Computer popup and click Next then Finish.
  9. Output Messenger Snap-in Host

  10. Right Click on Personal folder. Select All Tasks → Click Import.
  11. Output Messenger import Snap-in

  12. In the new Certificate Import Wizard popup, Click Next.
  13. Output Messenger certificate import wizard

  14. Browse the .PFX file and click Next.
  15. Output Messenger Browse File

  16. Provide the password you provided while creating .PFX file. Make sure that the option “Make this key as exportable” is checked, which helps you to export the key pair again and click Next.
  17. Output Messenger PFX password

  18. Choose the Certificate store, where you want to save , since you are using Web Certificate you should choose Personal.
  19. Output Messenger Certificate Store

  20. Check whether the furnished information are correct, and click Finish.
  21. Output Messenger snap-in confirmation

  22. Then you will get “The import was successful” alert box.
  23. Output Messenger import Successfull

  24. After Clicking OK, Your certificate will be listed in Certificates list.
  25. Output Messenger certificate List

Apply your custom SSL Certificate to Output Messenger

  1. In Server ManagerConfigurationBrowser VersionSSL Certificate popup, choose your SSL Certificate and click Save.
  2. Output Messenger congigure certificate

  3. If you have any issue in applying the certificate, try importing certificate again by deleting from personal folder.