Managing Departments & Permissions

This section describes how you can manage your user departments. It includes that how to add, edit and remove the departments.

Access the Departments Area

  • In Server Manager, Click Departments icon in sidebar or  menu  Tools > Departments

Operation to Perform

Adding a Department

1. Click File > New Department or Right click the departments listing grid, choose the New Department option.
Output Messenger Managing Departments
2. The Department window is displayed. Provide a unique Department Name.
Output Messenger Add Department fields
3. Send Message Restriction:

  • Allow – Department Members can send messages to the members of the selected department only.
  • Deny – Department Members cannot send messages to the selected departments. They can send messages to all other departments.
  • No Restriction – Department members can send messages to ALL department users.

Tip: To block sending messages to the same department members,  in Department Edit screen, deny by selecting the same department.

4. Block Sending files – By enabling this option, all department members cannot send file to any other member. But they can receive file from other users.
5. Click Ok. The department is created.

Editing a Department

In the departments listing grid, right click a Department Name , choose Edit Department from the context menu.

Deleting a Department

Select the Department to be deleted, right click and choose Delete department from the context menu.


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