Acknowledgement Message

Acknowledgement messages help you to make sure that the recipient(s) have read and recognized the message.

Want to verify whether the receiver noticed the important message among bulk of messages?
Just mark the message using “Request Acknowledgement” and send message with a badge that it requires Acknowledgement.
At the other end, the particular message will appear with a  badge – “Acknowledge” button, next to the message.
By clicking the button, receiver acknowledges your message, which will be reflected in your chat window.

Requesting Acknowledgement

We can send an acknowledgement request with the message in three ways,
Option 1: Enable “Request Acknowledgement” icon in chat tool bar by clicking on it and then type and send messages.
OutputMessenger enable acknowledgement
Option 2: Use the shortcut /ack , then type and send the message, you want to get acknowledge.
OutputMessenger Acknowledgement Shortcut
Option 3: If you want to get confirm for already sent message, right click on the message and hit “Request Acknowledgement” option.
OutputMessenger Enable Acknowledgement Request
The request sent icon    will be displayed next to your message till the receiver acknowledge.

Accepting Acknowledgement

Receiver will get notification, on receiving an acknowledgment message.
Acknowledgement message(s) will be shown with a badge – “Acknowledge” button next to the message.
OutputMessenger onReceive Acknowledge Message
Receiver can confirm the acknowledgement message by clicking Acknowledge button.

Receiving Acknowledgement Receipt

Once the receiver acknowledges your requested acknowledgement message, you will be notified and the request sent icon will be now turned to an Approved    icon.

In Group Chat / Chat Room, all the participants can provide acknowledgement. And it will be displayed with approve icon with a count that specify number of participants acknowledged.

OutputMessenger Acknowledged groupmessage

On hovering the approved icon, acknowledgement timing of each user will be displayed.

Acknowledgment messaging option is enabled by default. To disable this, in Server Manager > Configuration > Client Settings > Uncheck “Enable Acknowledgment Messaging”.