Mail is ease method of exchanging digital messages from sender to one or more recipients. Output Messenger Mail is used to a send message as mail, so that the recipient can read it at his / her convenience. It provides a very access to send internal mails to employees.

Compose Mail

Three ways to start to compose your mail:

  1. Right click the users in the user listing page, hit the Send > Mail.
  2. Right click the Group name > Group Mail.
  3. Click on the icon in the sidebar menus:

Lan Instant Messenger Compose Mail
Click icon to compose new mails. This is how the compose mail window opens:


    1. To, Cc – Press the To and Cc button, here you can able to choose your users to send your mail to the recipients.

Output Messenger Send Mail

  1. Subject – Enter the suitable subject for your mail.
  2. Editor – By using this editor you can make your content more effective. Able to attach your files via attach icon.
  3. Content box – Here, add the desired mail content.

Press the Send Mail button at the upper right of the mail screen, to send your mail to the respective users.

As with off-line messages, a mail will only be delivered when both users are on-line. You can use the Server off-line folder or Link Server, to overcome this limitation.

Mail will be saved in Sent items of the mail listing page, you can view at any time:
Output Messenger Sent items

Receive Mail

A Sys-tray pop-up alert will be displayed for new incoming messages. Your received mail is at Inbox, Open and view the mail, You can respond the mail too:
Output Messenger Receive Mail

Delete Mail

  1. To delete received or sent mail, Click of the relevant mail & press the Delete Mail icon , the confirmation pop-up opens to delete the mail.
  2. Right click the selected mail, press the delete mail option:

Output Messenger Delete Mail