This topic allows you how to create the notes on Output Messenger. It helps you organizing your everyday tasks.
Output Messenger provides a very easy tool to create notes of our task.

Adding the Notes

Click on  icon on the Side bar menus.
Hit the icon which opens “New Notes” window to take your notes.
Lan Messenger Notes

Add your desired notes with respective subject. Note will be installed automatically.

Note : Be sure, that you have provided the Subject of notes, else you will get “Please enter Subject” popup.

The created notes are listed as so:
Output Messenger Notes List
Similarly, you can able to create your notes.

You can make your notes fix to your desktop that can be movable. You can also make it as editable

Sending Notes

You can share your effective notes to your colleagues.
Right click the selected notes and choose the Send to… option.  A pop-up opens, here you choose the users that you want to send your notes:
Output Messenger Send Notes

If you choose the single users, the notes send to the user as single chat.

or Group chat displays for the multiple users.

Below is the screen shows the notes send to many users:
Output Messenger Share Notes

Sticky Notes:

Stick the Notes in your Desktop to remind you of important tasks and keep track of what you have to do. You can un-pin just by a single click when a note does not require your special attention no longer.
Output Messenger Sticky Notes
Output Messenger Sticky Notes

Share Notes:

Sharing Notes lets the receiver to have the Notes on their Notes list. Accessing to the Shared notes by the receiver will be based on the permission set by the owner.
To Share your valuable Notes,

  1. Click on Share Note…, appears when,
    1. Right Clicking on the Notes (or)
    2. Clicking Group Output Messenger Notes_share group icon, while adding a notes.
  2. In the ‘Share with Users’ pop-up, Type Name (to whom you want to share Notes) and assign Permission and hit Add. You can add as many as Users and can edit Permission as you wish.
  3. Output Messenger Notes_share with users

    Deleting Notes

    Select the notes that you want to be deleted, press the  icon to delete your notes completely from Output Messenger.