Group Chat

The group chat allows you to chat with many people at once, without boundary. Any participants can add or invite any user. Group Chat logs cannot be retrieved on Chat Window after closing it. In order to maintain your chat logs on Chat Window for future and to chat with predefined users you are advised to use Chat Room.

Output messenger provides easy options to create groups and send files and messages to groups

Creating a Group Chat

Group chat can be created by adding the users one by one or by adding group created by you or others. While adding Group, all the users of respective Group will be added to your Group Chat.
Output Messenger Group Chat
To Create a Group,

  • Right Click on User / Custom Group / Chat Room.
  • Hit Group Chat.

Output Messenger Add User

Adding users to Group Chat

Adding individual Users

To add users to your group chat,
Output Messenger Group Chat Users

  1. Click Add icon Outputmessenger add_user_group at the top right corner of chat window > Users.
  2. Click on the users and hit double right arrowhead ” ” icon to add all users.
  3. Click ” ” icon to add selected (single) user.
  4. To remove the all user, Click on the users and hit double left arrowhead ” ” icon or ” ” icon to remove selected users.
  5. Click OK.
Adding Group

To add a group to group chat, Click Add Outputmessenger add_user_group > Groups > respective Group.
Output Messenger Groups

Group Chat window will be as
Output Messenger Group Conversation
Press Cancel icon ( X ) just to close the Group Chat.


To avoid frequent popping up of your chat window while you are busy with other tasks, you can turn off Notification. The chat window will popup will be in minimized state.
If the notification is turned on (Outputmessenger group notifiaction_on), your group chat messages will be notified to you through popup window.
If the notification is turned off (Outputmessenger group notifiaction_off), your messages will be received but the chat window will be in minimized state.

Note : In such cases, where you turn off notification and closed the group chat window, you can view the conversation of group chat from Recent tab.

Exit chat

Hit the Exit from Group Chat ( Outputmessenger Exit_group ) icon to left the chat totally. If you exit from group chat by clicking Exit from Group Chat ( Outputmessenger Exit_group ) icon, it will be notified in group chat that you left the chat.

Note : Pressing Cancel icon ( X ) will just to close the Group Chat, you won’t exit(left) from group.

Group chat History

You can view the group chat logs using View Log option.


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