Output Messenger enables the users to create groups in client which helps to quickly send a message / file / announcement / mail to a group of people, than picking one by one.

Creating Groups

    1. In Settings >  Display options → Groups :
    2. Click the Add icon to add the group name and / or members.

Output Messenger Addition Group

  1. Enter the name of Group.
  2. To add members : Select the users / groups on the left side and click  output messenger .
  3. To remove existing users / groups, select from right side and click output messenger .
  4. Press the Save button on the pop-up to secure your details.
  5. Now the Group has been created successfully, the group names are listed in the box.

Editing Groups

  • Press the Edit icon  to edit the details as you need in the appropriate places.
  • Once you furnish to edit, hit the Save button to secure your details.

Deleting Groups

  1. Press the Delete icon to delete the group.

Usage of Groups

Three significant places, mainly used in groups:

  • Right click any user,  go chat group →  choose the group to whom this message needs to be sent out:

Output Messenger Groups
After choosing group name, the pop-up opens, it looks like normal Group chat window:

(!) For more details about Group Chat, please refer Group Chat

  •  For creating new announcement (Right click the Users > Send >Announcement), groups are listed in To address:

Output Messenger Group Announcement

  • For creating the new mail (press the Mail icon on side bar menus), groups are listed in To and Cc addresses:

Output Messenger Group Mail


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