Screen Clipper

Screen Clipper allows you to take the screenshot of a selected part of your window or desktop. You can apply the changes on it based on your business needs and then save it or send to your colleague instantly.

To capture a snip

You can capture a snip, by following the procedures given below.

  • Hover your mouse over the right headed arrow, on the right corner of the chat box.
  • Click Share Desktop/Screen > Screen Clipper.
Screen Clipper - Output Messenger

Screen Clipper

  • Crop the screen, you want to share. The captured image will be automatically pasted in Output Messenger’s clipboard (as like the following screen), where you can apply your changes.

Output Messenger Screen Clipper

  • Click Save (for future use) / Send (to pass it to respective receiver on whose window you chosen the clipping tool).

You can choose either of the two following options :

  1. Desktop.
  2. Window.

Tools in Screen Clipper

With Screen clipper, you can edit the screenshots handily with the following tools.

  • Quick Access Tool :
    1. New Clipper-icon13: Opens new capturing area.
    2. SaveClipper-icon14 : Saves the changes in screenshot.
    3. Undo Clipper-icon15: To reverse the executed action.
    4. Redo : Clipper-icon16To execute the reversed action.
    5. Send Clipper-icon12: To send the clip to the user.
  • Formatting Tools:
    To add different shapes in your image, you can use formatting tools.

    1. RectangleClipper-icon20
    2. Circle Clipper-icon2
    3. LineClipper-icon3
    4. ArrowClipper-icon4
    5. Draw Free handClipper-icon5
  • Editing Tools :
    1. Selection Clipper-icon1: To select the already executed options.
    2. Text Clipper-icon6: To enter text in the picture.
    3. Chat BalloonClipper-icon7  : To represent conversation.
    4. NumberingClipper-icon8 :  To add numbering.
    5. HighlighterClipper-icon9 : To highlight the text.
    6. CropClipper-icon10 : To cut the picture which makes the selected portion only will visible in your image.
    7. Erase Clipper-icon11: To erase areas in your image.
    8. Fill ColorClipper-icon17   : To fill color for the shapes.
    9. Line Color Clipper-icon18: To change line color for all shape.
    10. Line Clipper-icon19thickness : To change line thickness, change here.