Chat Commands & Shortcuts

This topic describes the Output Messenger(OUM) chat commands & shortcuts.

For this dynamic world, It helps you to reduce your valuable time.
Do all operations on keyboard itself.
It is applicable for Single / Group Chat windows.

Chat Commands

These are the chat commands used for Output Messenger(OUM):

  • /a → alert on status change of the user
  • /ack {message} → send acknowledgement message
  • /b → send buzz
  • /c {user name} [{message}] → open chat with the specified user
  • /h → this help message
  • /i {username} → invite user for group chat
  • /l [{search text}] → open log window
  • /n → toggle notification ON/OFF for this chat. Will be notified if message contains your name
  • /p {message} → set the personal status message
  • /q → quit & close the chat
  • /remind {user name} [{message}] → remind [me|all|@user] [message] [at|on|in] [time]
  • /s → Off-the-Record message ON/OFF
  • /x {message} → send sealed message

Let us see each one with example :

Alert Status

/a : set the alert status for the particular user.
Supply the /a to the chat box, press Enter key automatically the alert status is changed for the user:
Output Messenger Alert Status

Acknowledgement Message

/ack : Helps you to send Acknowledgement messages.
Type /ack and then provide your message to be acknowledged within the double quotes appeared.

Send Buzz

Sending Buzz will grab attention of your receiver, if he/she is not replying or not looking at his screen.
Just type “/b”, and hit “Enter”. It will shakes your receiver’s chat window with the message “buzz”.

Open chat with the specified user

/c {user name} [{message}] : Open chat for specified user
Using this option, you can able to open another user:
Output Messenger specified user
Choose the specified users and type the message that you want to send to the recipient.
Press the Enter key to send the message to recipients successfully.


/h : Help messages
This is the help for Output Messenger Shortcuts, which lists all the shortcuts with its explanation.
Provide the /h in chat box, press Enter key, the Output Messenger(OUM) shourtcut commands are displayed :
Output Messenger Shortcuts Help

Invite user for Group chat

/i {username} : Invite the user for groupchat
Using this option, you can ease to add user in your group chat.
Type the command /i to your user group chat box, press Enter key :
Output Messenger Invite Group User

Open Log Window

/l [{search text}]: Use this key to open your log window.
Supply the /l to the chat box, press Enter key to open the view log window:
Output Messenger Open Log Window

Toggle Notification on Groupchat

/n : Toggle On/Off depending upon the shortcut entered. Toggle Notification is used only in Group chat.
If the notification is turned on Outputmessenger group notifiaction_on, your group chat messages will be notified to you through popup window.
If the notification is turned off Outputmessenger group notifiaction_off, your messages will be received but the chat window will be in minimized state.
Output Messenger Toggle Notification

Personal Status

/p {message} : set the personal status
Using this to set your personal status of Output Messenger(OUM):
Output Messenger Personal Status
Type the personal status message that you want to show on the Top of Output Messenger(OUM).
Press the Enter key to add the personal status successfully.

Close the Chat Window

/q: Close the window
Using this shortcut key, you can close your chat window.

Confidential chat

/s : confidential chat
Any messages or files shared between the administrators becomes confidential.
This feature will be available only to administrators and cannot be used by employees.

Sealed Messages

/x :
It will send your message with an envelop. You can send confidential messages like this. But message will not be delete like Off-the-record messages

Effectual Manner

Alert on Status Change

This is how to set the Alert status for the particular users:
Output Messenger Alert on Status Change
The alert message is displayed, when the users switch from one state to another state:
Output Messenger Alert on Status Change

Types of Status

There are six different types of Status available on Output Messenger:

  1. Online
  2. Idle
  3. Stepped out
  4. Lunch
  5. Meeting
  6. Do not Disturb

You can make use of any status at anytime on Output Messenger(OUM).

Clipboard Text

The clipboard text is used to send the copied message to the particular users.
Right click the users > choose the Send Clipboard Text option, to share your copied message for the user:
Output Messenger Clipboard Text



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